In Pittsburgh, PA (and pretty all over the world) there’s a ton of false information floating around regarding the ears. They’re ugly If we’re being sincere, and it’s not unexpected that there are some scathing reports concerning these earwigs. However, they aren’t really dangerous, they’re just large and ugly. Let’s talk about some of the negative information that is floating around regarding earwigs. We’ll also answer many of your burning questions regarding the pest control options within Pittsburgh and the best way to eliminate ears in your house.

What Do Earwigs Look Like?

Earwigs Earwigsmake part of the insect family Dermaptera This order comprises about 2000 species. They are typically flat, with an elongated head shorter and seldom used wings and a medium to long antenna.

The earwig’s most distinctive feature is the long set pincers attached to its abdominal wall. Males have bigger pincers than females and use them to defend themselves against predators, hunting prey, and fighting for territory as well as partners.

Based on species of ear, the wigs could range from a half-inch up to more than two inches in length. In actuality, the long-gone St. Helena giant earwig was more than three and a half inches.

What Do Earwigs Do In Your Ear?

It’s a common belief that the earwigs like to get into sleep human ears to lay eggs, or even to bore into their brains in order to feed the eggs. This is a myth that’s completely untrue. Earwigs aren’t any greater or lesser likely make it in your ears than other insect, regardless of whether the myth has become so prevalent that earwigs take their name from the myth.

Earwigs Theydon’t devour brains. They consume a lot of decaying vegetation like rotting leaf piles and mulch. However, because they are omnivores, when they have the chance to catch an insect using the forceps of their ear, they’ll grab the opportunity. They typically feed on insects like aphids, sowbugs and mites as well as any type of egg that they discover. So, a couple of earwigs in the yard could be beneficial to your garden as well as your home. It’s difficult to find other bugs that reproduce as predators lurk around, and scavenging eggs.

Are Earwigs Dangerous?

In a nutshell: No. Earwigs don’t contain any venom which means they aren’t able or bite. While their pincers may appear intimidating, they don’t possess the power to hold them up. So even if they squeeze you, the pressure won’t cause damage to your skin. It might not even cause any harm.

What Attracts Earwigs Into Your House?

Earwigs are attracted by two things: humidity and warmth. While we’re blessed with the former in Pennsylvania however, it can be difficult for these bugs to access the latter. This means that earwigs can visit your home to seek water throughout the time, and could also come in seeking warmth during cold snaps. If you suffer from an earwig problem do not be surprised to discover that they are in the bed with you to gain access to the body warmth.

How Do You Kill Earwigs?

Although a few earwigs in your garden can be helpful in removing the mites and aphids that are infesting those plants, you aren’t going to want those gruesome bugs crawling across your house in a massive amount. However, earwigs excel to hide in places that human beings can’t reach easily. It’s difficult to eradicate the problem once been established. Fortunately, help is only a one click at a click.

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