One of the most destructive kinds of pests that people of Pittsburgh need to face is bed bugs. They’re a nuisance bug that can affect the health of your family and alter your daily life. We’ll review some of the ways that bed bugs can cause issues when they enter Pittsburgh homes. Here’s what you should be aware of.

Bed Bugs Bite

If bed bugs invade your home, they’re likely be able to bite. The bed bugs feed upon blood and they are a fan towards human blood. This is the reason they are mostly indoor pests. It is difficult to find bed bug colonies anyplace in nature.

How serious are bites from bed bugs?

The degree of the bed bug bite is determined by a variety of factors including how often you’re bit, how old they are and the degree of your sensitivity to the anticoagulant present in the saliva of bed bugs. Your bites could be little more than red bumps, or they could be painful, swollen bites that are surrounded by an itch.

How often do bed bug bites occur?

The bed bugs are fed at various time. Even months, or even days are able to pass by between feedings. This is among the main reasons the bed bugs are difficult to eliminate. If bites aren’t visible for a long time, it may appear as if you’re winning the fight.

How many bites could I possibly anticipate to receive?

A bed bug is most likely to bite three times the course of a night. These bites appear in a straight line or a slight patterns of zig-zag. As the infestation gets worse you will notice that the amount of bites rise substantially. Expect the bites of six insects to cause 18 cuts on the skin.

Do bed bugs carry venom?

If a bug bites your there is the possibility that it may contain poisonous venom. Bed bugs don’t have any poison.

Do bed bugs transmit disease?

If a bug bites you and you are bitten, it’s a cause for worry. There are numerous bugs that could make you sick to death or transmit diseases to you, which can have long-lasting consequences. In the present the bed bugs aren’t recognized to transmit disease to humans. While there are no instances of transmission of human diseases by bed bugs new studies have proven that bed bugs can be capable of transmitting and carrying illnesses under certain conditions.

Social Impact Of Bed Bugs

In case having bugs that torture your body with bites when you’re asleep isn’t enough, they can cause havoc to the social aspect of your life. The home is where everything occurs. There are birthdays, graduation celebrations reunions, anniversaries and many other important events in life. Also, you gather for small events, like playing gatherings with friends, barbecues in the backyard and football games. Bed bugs can cause people to not come to your house, which could lead to isolation.

The bed bugs could also harm your children. If your kids discover that your children have bed bugs in their home and they are able to treat them as if they were the plague. Nobody wants to see these bugs in their home, bringing them, and very few know the ways they are spread and how they can stop their spread.

Sleep Deprivation And Anemia

If an infestation of bed bugs persists it could lead to system health problems. What is the reason you would allow bed bugs to live alongside you? It’s not a good idea, for the sake of it. Most often, people attempt to get rid from bed bug infestations on their own. Then they discover after months of fighting them that they should have enlisted the help of an expert licensed to handle the job when they first noticed the issue. Bed bugs are difficult to eliminate If you fail to eliminate them, they can result in insomnia and constant bites. Nights of sleeplessness can lead to a myriad of health issues including but not least which is anxiety and depression. Insistent bites can lead to anemia, which starts with mild symptoms but may be quite severe.

Bed Bug Control In Pittsburgh

If you reside in Pittsburgh If you live in Pittsburgh, call Pittsburgh Pest Control when you find insects in your house. We employ field-tested methods to get rid of bed bugs, and guide homeowners towards an effective long-term solution to prevent them from coming back. Contact us for help or to set up bed bug treatment now. We can help.

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