The constant cricketing sounds are enough to make any person want to take off their most expensive shoe to find the perpetrators. Instead of reacting there are better methods to take action so that these little musicians can continue to play the music going in their backyard.

In the beginning, there is usually a reason that a cricket might have to join you. There might be dark, cold or damp spots in your home they like. There may be nearby trash dumps and wild bushes or your house might need a thorough cleaning. Whatever the reason they can be a nuisance through chewing holes into furniture and clothing, and you are probably not looking forward to having crickets as your roommates. There are several ways that you can get rid of these pests , or you could consult an expert expert cricket control expert who is from Pittsburgh Pest.

Dogs, Cats, And Other Pets

A dog or cat could just be the answer to eliminate your cricket problems. Dogs and cats naturally want to capture these crawling insects, making it an all-win situation for everyone. Birds are a great predator of crickets so placing an outdoor bird feeder near your home could draw some feathered creatures that may find crickets to be delight.

Outdoor Landscape

Maintaining a neat lawn is another way to keep crickets away. A neat lawn is a great way to keep crickets from your yard because it removes them from any food sources and deters crickets from establishing the permanent home in your backyard. In addition, there are plants that repel crickets as well as other bugs, so you may consider including them in your landscaping outside.


Bugs like lighting, which is the reason they can gather near your home’s doors at night. They love warmth of the porch lights and appear to believe that it’s an invitation to visit your home. Amber lights and LED lighting are an excellent alternative to the conventional bulbs. They aren’t likely to attract insects.

Diatomaceous Earth

Algae skeletons constitute diatomaceous soil and is the ideal method of getting rid your home of pests without harming your pets or other people. This works through scraping insects, which results in the deficiency of moisture for crickets. They then end up dying. It comes in the form of a powder so you can place the powder into places where you’ve seen crickets.


Crickets require moisture in order to thrive and live. If you can eliminate the humidity inside your home, you’ll be rid of crickets. Crawl spaces, basements and attics are typically ideal locations for crickets to hide because they are humid and dark. Make use of a dehumidifier to lower the humidity of these areas.

Seal Your Home

It is logical that a home with a good seal keeps crickets out. Be sure that all areas around windows and doors are well sealed and replaced with all weather strips or sealants which has had a bad time. Be sure to inspect the foundation and fill any cracks that may have formed. Screens are also useful to keep crickets away.

Molasses-Not Just for Your Oatmeal

You’re not the only one who enjoys the flavor of Molasses. Crickets are fond of the sweet sticky substance and can be found in the jars that are open. Make a mix of 1 cup of molasses as well as 10 cups water. put it into jars throughout your home. Make sure you take them out when you spot dead crickets. You might also employ a different method if you own small children or pets.

Sticky Traps

The glue boards or sticky traps that are commonly employed to catch mice could also help catch crickets. Place them in places in which there is moisture, and you’ll soon observe a cricket pileup, and possibly other bugs that have a few surprises.

A pest control company is also a good option because they possess the expertise and know-how to tackle the issue. Contact Pittsburgh Pest control today.

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