Termites are among the most feared pests for homeowners and are well-deservedly so. They cause a lot of destruction to homes each year because wood is their main food source. If you suspect that you be suffering from a termite issue, ensure that you act swiftly however, keep a cool head. Most people don’t anticipate to ever experience a termite problem, however don’t get caught in the idea that it will never be a problem for you. Knowing how to eliminate termites and to protect your home from termites for the future is crucial.

Although chemical pesticides are often the first thought to come to mind for a lot of people, they’re not always the best (nor most efficient) solution for eliminating pests If you have children or pets environmentally friendly solutions are the best choice for you. Because termites are among the most difficult pests to be eliminated, it is recommended to think about hiring an expert pest control specialist. They’ll have the equipment and knowledge required to ensure that your home is completely secured and the cause of the issue is eliminated to ensure your home is protected for the long run.

Here are some useful suggestions to figure out if you actually have a termite issue, and green ways to rid your home of an infestation.

Eco-Friendly Pest Control Options For Termites

  • There are many ways to determine the presence of termite issues However, being aware of what to look out for is crucial. The first thing you’ll need to conduct is walk around your home’s exterior and interior. If there are trees on your property, make sure to examine them first, since they are where the majority of termites originate from. They shed their wings when the swarming season is in full swing If you see excessive amounts of them lying on the ground it is likely there is a nest of termites in the vicinity.
  • If you see sawdust in the vicinity of the wood of your home, don’t hesitate consult a professional termite specialist. It is a sign that termites are feeding. As it is impossible to determine how severe the damage without conducting a thorough examination, you don’t want to be wasting time doing this. Also, look for and determine whether there are any areas of mud on or around holes in wood beams, since termites usually try to conceal the damage they’ve caused.
  • The most environmentally-friendly termite removal remedy is to prevent. There’s no need to resort to pesticides that contain chemicals if you can end the problem before it begins. Make sure to keep firewood, logs and other wood waste away from your house as you can.
  • Termites can cause damage to homes whenever the foundation comes in contact with the soil. It is important to ensure that you have at least 7 inches of space, since this is the only way to stop these creatures from getting into.
  • The heat is an excellent method to rid your home of any pests that can invade your home, like termites. For this to be effective it is necessary to get your home heated to 120 degrees or more. Since this is not possible to achieve by just turning the thermostat, you’ll require a qualified pest control professional for the task. The major benefit of heating is that it kills any thing within the home that’s not intended to be there because termites are known to be a nuisance in walls and difficult to access spaces, they are more active than chemical solutions.
  • Baiting is a tried and tested method employed by the majority of professionals in pest control; it involves treating wood using an insecticide that is harmful to termites. Once termites feed on wood, they consume the poisons and then transfer them to other colony members.
  • Liquid nitrogen freezing can be an environmentally friendly option, and it can produce similar results to heat.

Knowing how to deal with termites is the initial step to defeating and stopping them from ever occurring. But, because of the extent of damage that caused by termite infestations to your property, it is always advised to call an pest control professional from Pittsburgh to assist you in tackling your termite infestation.

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